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PostgreSQL Extension Developer Tips – Part 3

My venture into PostgreSQL extension development was the first time I’d actually had to worry about the contents of a Makefile. The PostgreSQL Extension Network’s How To gave enough of an example that I was able to just copy-n-paste it and it worked. The fact that my extensions have no code to actually compile has a lot to do with that. The Makefile PGXN provides assumes that all your SQL code is in a single file.

PostgreSQL Full Text Search – An Unexpected Use

One of our clients recently asked for a way to manage a stopwords table in PostgreSQL so that they could try to shorten the URLs for the titles of their web pages. In all honesty, I had no idea what a stopwords list even was at the time the question was asked. The client was previously a MySQL user, so they’d sent me a link to its documentation on them as an example.

PostgreSQL Extension Developer Tips – Part 2

Following up on my previous tip, there’s a way you can make other extensions optional using the last tip’s method of finding another extension’s schema. A use case for this is my pg_jobmon extension. First, you do the same check for the other extension’s schema SELECT nspname INTO v_jobmon_schema FROM pg_namespace n, pg_extension e WHERE e.extname = 'pg_jobmon' AND e.extnamespace = n.oid; Then, wherever you would optionally use your other extension, just check and see if the schema variable is null

PostgreSQL Extension Developer Tips – Part 1

I’ve been working on several extensions for PostgreSQL over the last few months. I was going to do one big blog post of some developer tips, but figured I’d just do this as an ongoing series as I come across something useful to share. One of the first issues I came across was when my extension required another extension to work. I was designing my extension to be released to the public, so I couldn’t assume what schema someone may put those other extensions in.

PostgreSQL Job Logging & Monitor Extension – The Monitor

Following up to my post last month about pg_jobmon’s logging capability, this post will discuss its ability to let you monitor your jobs’ statuses. Like last month, I will again be assuming you’ve installed pg_jobmon to the jobmon schema. The Monitoring Function The main function that’s used to monitor logged jobs is check_job_status(interval). It returns row output, so it can easily be used as a query for monitoring software (more on that later).

PG Extractor – Finally a version number…

So it’s been a while since I released pg_extractor and made my first blog post. It’s had quite a few improvements in that time, and actually made version 1.0.0! (currently at 1.2.0) Many thanks to Joby Walker and Heather Sherman for the new features and bug fixes! The the most significant and the one I’m most thankful for getting done is --options_file Use a configuration file to list all the options you'd like to use.