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PG Extractor - A smarter pg_dump

UPDATE: This post still gets a lot of views due to search results for pg_extractor. Please note that the perl version this post discusses is no longer in development and a complete rewrite in Python was done for version 2.0. The version control features were removed as well. Please see the README file for more information. For my debut blog post, I’ll be explaining a tool, pg_extractor, that I began working on at my current job.

Five Features of PostgreSQL Partition Manager 5

After much testing and work, PostgreSQL Partition Manager (pg_partman) 5 is now available for public release. Thanks to everyone involved (link to changelog here) for helping me get here! My last post already discussed most of the big changes, so please see that post or the CHANGELOG linked above. What I’d like to do instead is cover five features, some well known and others possibly not, that I think make pg_partman a great tool to help with managing your large tables in PostgreSQL.